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  Emery Grains and Powder
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Emery Grains and Powder

Ganesh Industries is one of prominent
companies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat manufacturing and exportin...
Emery Grains and Powder

Ganesh Industries is one of prominent companies in Ahmedabad Gujarat manufacturing of Synthentic

Emery Grains and Powder

. Our product is the Content of Bauxite which is considered the most appropriate to manufacturing Emery. Due to this reason it helps us to retain highest level of percentage of Al2O3. Even having Aluminium as the core of the composition it retains the highest toughness in the applications. Manufactured at Ganesh Industries.

As now a days as the logistics is becoming more frequent and necessary, having a tough surface is also becoming niche requirement. For matching to this requirements construction companies are preffering Compositions as the part of material for floor hardning to give extra strenth to surfaces to face any heavy application.

Consutrction companies are using such compositions in building workshops.

The Different application of Composition is as below:
Applications :
6 to 36 It can be used as Aggregrate for Floor Hardener to develop Anti-Skid Surface and Marble Block and also mainly in Industrial Enterprises Construction.
8 to 20 It is used in Rice polishing, Barrel Polishing, Blast Cleaning,Designing Anti-skid Tiles, Marble Polishing block, Flour Mill Stone, etc.
24 to 150 Coated Abrasive paper and cloth, polishing etc. As per BS and FEPA standard.
100 to 180 Polishing and Buffing Stainless Steel, Brass and every metal. etc.

Properties :
  • Al2O3 - 50 to 55 %
  • Fe2O3 - 25 to 35%
  • Hardness - 7 to 8 on MOH'S scale
  • Specific Gravity - 3.4

  • Packing : 50 Kgs. HDPE bag with liner.

    Size : As per required

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