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From the establishment of the company since 1984, Ganesh Industries have increased its Quality Standards compliance to their supplies to client to establish a best relationship with businesses. Making Quality as the main factor of any Material Delivery , Ganesh passes the material though series of test to make sure that Material is going to be exactly what client is asking for:

  • Magnetic Test: This test indentifies Non-Magnetic Material( Inert Material) in Raw Material
  • % Fines: % of very fine material(Mixed Raw Material) which normally hampers the reduction reaction is tested and determined through BSS Mesh and further are also calculated
  • Total Elemental Iron: For %Fe(w/w) is carried out
  • Analytical Tests carried out on finished products (Cast Iron Powder)

  • Characteristics: The Materials Physical Characteristics such as appearances, Colours and other visible parameters are checked to ensure.
  • Mesh Size: Materials particle size if checked as per the customer's specification.
  • Density: The Bulk Density of Material is being checked before final delivery which helps for Quality Control.
  • Elemental Iron: Total Elemental Iron is tested and analyzed by 2 separate methods
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